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We meet in the territories! We structure and operate investment initiatives for the fulfillment of corporate, impact and legal goals, based on the use, with an economic, social and, clearly, climate focus.

The most powerful intervention for the use of materials on the Atlantic coast, with business financing and the action of 25 organizations, which associate more than 2,433 recyclers.

Generación de conocimiento

It is a public-private alliance, which has improved the rates of use of materials and the inclusion of recyclers in the municipality.

Generación de conocimiento

It accompanies all the actors of the value chain in the increase of the utilization rates in the Colombian capital and in the surrounding municipalities, under the framework of the Bogotá Region. The initiative includes 7 organizations and concentrates 1042 recyclers.

Generación de conocimiento

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We understand and value the importance of evidence-based decision-making, and it is the measurement of results and their analysis that allows us to advance in our purpose of mobilizing the circular economy for collective prosperity and position ourselves as a technical benchmark in the field. , through:

Analysis of data


Studies based on public information

Own data

Pedagogy / Learning / Training

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“On CEMPRE Colombia we find an experienced ally that supports professional recyclers, teaches source separation, objectively influences public policies, and generates knowledge and experiences around plastic recycling.”

Ricardo Estrada
Sustainability and Acquisitions Corporate Manager
of Plastilene Group