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Knowledge Management Center

Accompanying the construction of a public policy based on evidence and on the understanding of the territories allows us to guide the appropriate actions to improve development models. It is from the territories that we learn how to generate alliances and build collective knowledge, as a support model for the revitalization of the principles of circularity in the country.

Analysis of data

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Pedagogy / Learning / Training

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generated we achieve:

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We promote the circularity of materials

We design and implement collective initiatives that promote investment, impact and results in circular economy, to contribute to the economic and social development of the country. In this way we improve the quality of life and effectively reduce greenhouse gases. Our three lines of action are: circularity of materials, protection of oceans and strategic ecosystems, value chain management and knowledge generation.

Pact for plastics

Knowledge generation

Net Recycle

Knowledge generation

RE Movement

Materials circularity

Recycling has value Bogotá

Knowledge generation

Where to recycle

Knowledge generation


Knowledge generation

Recycle Pereira

Knowledge generation

Construction of public value

We build public value from the structuring of collective initiatives that propose measurable actions towards building the country’s capacity to implement the circularity model. In this sense, we accompany those who carry out these actions in measuring the results with a view to collective prosperity.

Based on the above, we structure documents that allow us to bring knowledge and experiences to public policy makers, in such a way that they are adequate tools to ensure that the regulations of the circular economy are harmonic, coherent and enabling.

Incidence in public policy

We promote public policy based on data, from the understanding of the territories as an enabler
of the low-carbon circular economy.

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CEMPRE is an organization that works on circular economy, never losing sight that their actions must be guided by self-awareness and the capacities of their allies.

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