Where we do it
and how we work it

We develop tools that allow us to evaluate the sustainable management of our affiliates and allies, to identify opportunities for improvement, stimulate decision-making and meet the resolution of challenges related to the circular economy. Through the following means:

Discussion table with the government

We are active members of the discussion tables conducted all over the territories in which we have presence. Our participations have the purpose of guaranteeing that local needs are heard and that value chains are dynamized to generate synergies around the development of public policies.

  • Presidency’s Mixed Sustainability Committee

As permanent members, our main contribution is to bring to light new developments and challenges through knowledge.

National Alliance for Inclusive Recycling (ANRI)

As founding members, our active participation contributes to the construction of common goals and strategies.

  • National Circular Economy Communication Table

Under the guide of the Ministry of Environment, and along other members, we encourage the incorporation of circular economy principles in the citizenship’s daily actions.

National Sustainable Plastic Management Table

Along the Ministry of Environment, and other actors, we contribute to the construction of strategies that promote the sustainable use of plastics.

We are also part of the governing bodies of the territories in which we have a presence.

Our representation at these tables is focused on guaranteeing the understanding of local needs to boost the value chain and generate synergies for the development of public policy.

How we work


through alliances with all the actors in the value chain or with all our stakeholders

Based on data

obtained from secondary information, surveys, information from the National Government or our allies, project data, analysis methodologies and data generation, descriptive, statistical and predictive analysis

Articulating actions based on the same objective

we join other organizations, which have similar or complementary goals, to work on the same objective

Measuring, replicating and scaling positive results

...that allow us to make better decisions

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CEMPRE is an organization that works on circular economy, never losing sight that their actions must be guided by self-awareness and the capacities of their allies.

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